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Having been caring for the eye health of local people for a number of years, we're no stranger to the ever evolving methods for ensuring you get the perfect pair of glasses.

However, this time we've taken a step ahead of the competition and introduced some brand new, award winning technology to ensure our customers get a truly personalised lens and frame fit.

Working with Hoya, the largest lens produces in the world; we're ensuring that visitors to our branches are now immediately able to see the benefit lenses will have on both their sight and wellbeing.

Visureal – uses the latest technology to automatically detect all of the measurement data required to make the very best glasses for you.

Following the eye examination, simply pick the frames that catch your eye and, using a special camera attachment and frame fitting tool, two photos later and the system will have worked out all of the numbers required. This highly accurate method of measuring where your pupil sits within the frames you've chosen means that the lens can be tailored to give you the very best results and comfort.

HVC technology demonstrates not only what it is like to look through a varifocal lens but also allows you to see the benefit of various lens coatings.

Previously your optician would have had to draw a lens on a piece of paper and ask you to visualise the different areas soft and hard focus.

For someone who has never worn varifocal lenses before it can be difficult to truly understand how they will look and feel. With the HVC application, our opticians are now able to show you exactly what it will be like to look through your lens, in an approximate prescription to your own.

It's also able to demonstrate the effects of various lens coatings including anti-reflection. Although polarised lenses will reduce the amount of light entering the eye, there will still be some amount of glare – particularly from smooth surfaces, tarmac and water. With this application the optician can easily demonstrate the effect these extra coatings can have.

If you'd like to take advantage of this state-of-the-art technology, book your eye test with your local East of England Co-op Opticians.

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