Step by step guide to contact lenses

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  • Wash your hands thoroughly before inserting, removing or handling your lenses and ensure hands are dry
  • Only use solutions advised by your optician
  • Remember to change your solution regularly when lenses are not worn
  • Be sure to follow the recommended procedure for cleaning and disinfecting your lenses
  • Replace your storage case regularly
  • Remove lenses in the event of persistent irritation and call your opticians
  • Attend aftercare visits regularly as advised
  • Wear your contact lenses for you aftercare visits and bring you contact lens case and glasses with you
  • Follow instructions given to you by your optician
  • Ensure you have a pair of glasses with your most recent prescription to wear should you experience any problems with your contact lenses
  • If in doubt, check with your optician


  • Sleep in lenses unless you have been prescribed lenses to do so by your optician
  • Lick your lenses or put them in your mouth
  • Change your solution without advice from your optician
  • Top up yesterday’s solution
  • Wear your lenses longer than advised
  • Wear your lenses if you think you may have an eye injury/infection/damaged lenses
  • Share your lenses with anyone else
  • Have water in contact with your lenses, this includes swimming and showering
  • Wear for long plane journeys without advice, they may dry out

Make up Advice

  • Put make-up on after applying your lenses
  • Do no use mascara that flakes
  • When using hairspray, spray before inserting lenses