Soft contact lenses

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Placing your lenses

  1. Remember to wash and dry your hands before placing your contact lenses and ensure they’re not inside out
  2. Using your most dominant hand place the lens on the tip of the first finger of your dominant hand ensuring your lens is slightly wet with solution
  3. Hold your upper lid with your second and third fingers of your other hand, positioning lashes against your eye socket
  4. Gently place lens on the centre of your eye
  5. Move finger away from eye but continue to hold lids
  6. Release the lower lid and then the top

Top tip - If your lens comes out when blinking

  • When placing the lense look up, down, left and right before releasing lids to allow any trapped air under the lens to escape
  • Gently massage your eye whilst closed
  • Gently move your top lashes away from your eye and over the lens

Removing your lenses

  1. Remember to wash and dry your hands before removing your contact lenses
  2. Focus on the reflection of your eye in the mirror
  3. Tilt your head forward slightly
  4. Use the second finger of your dominant hand to pull down your lower lid
  5. Use second and third fingers of the other hand to hold your upper lid
  6. Place your forefinger on the lens and pull it down towards the lower lid
  7. Pinch the lens between your thumb and forefinger and remove lens from
  8. your eye

Top tip - If you're having difficulty removing lenses because your eyes are dry

  • Try blinking firnly to moisten the lens
  • Or use lubricating drops which are suitable for contact lenses, to help moisten the lens