Your digital membership card

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We've teamed up with Stocard to enable you to have your membership card stored on your smartphone.

Get your digital membership card

Step 1 - Install and download the Stocard app on your smartphone*

*If you're on your desktop, you'll need to switch to your phone to do this

Step 2 - Open the Stocard app and press the '+' sign in the bottom right hand corner and search for the East of England Co-op.

Make sure you have your membership card or number with you.

Step 3 - Just open up the Stocard app in store to display your digital card to the cashier who will scan the card for you.

Your dividend points will be added to your account instantly!

Got a colleague card?

This process works for colleague cards too. We recommend popping a note in the card description section so you know which is your colleague card and which is your membership card.