AMM 2022 - Motions

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Find out the motions that were featured at the 2022 AMM.

Our Annual Members' Meeting is a great opportunity for our members to have their say on how our business is run. During the meeting, there was an opportunity for members to vote on motions recommended by the Society.

Motions at the 2022 AMM

All of the motions were carried by our members. 

Motion 1. 

Approval of the minutes of the AMM held on 13 May 2021.

The 2021 AMM minutes can be viewed here.

Motion 2.

To receive the annual report and accounts for the year ended 22 January 2022.

Motion 3.

To receive the remuneration report for the year ended 22 January 2022.

Motion 4.

That the directors fees for 2022-23 be increased by 2.5% to £9,346.

Motion 5.

That a sum not exceeding £12,000 in total for the financial year 2022-23 be approved to remunerate directors for undertaking activities on behalf of the society which are outside their core role.

Motion 6. 

To approve EY's re-appointment as the Society's external auditor for the year 28 January 2023.

Motion 7. 

That the distribution of a dividend of £1,221,000 equivalent to 1% of qualifying spend - paid on the value of members' qualifying purchases made from society during the year ended 22 January 2022, be approved.

Motion 8. 

That the society maintains its affiliation to the co-operative party for the 12 months ended June 2023 at a subscription of £34,000.