Director Elections 2020

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Our Board of Directors is appointed by our members to represent them in the operation of our Society. 

Each Director is appointed for a period of 4 years and each year those periods come to an end for a number of our Directors. Our members then have the option to either reappoint an existing director, if they apply for re-election,  or to appoint a new director. 

The 2020 Elections Results

The results of this year's Director Elections were announced during the Annual Members' Meeting on 4th November, 2020.

John Hawkins and Nicola Fox were reelected. Two new directors; Jane Nice and Caroline Ley were also appointed. All will serve a four year term on the East of England Co-operative Board, with the exception of Nicola Fox, who will serve a 3 year term (due to having already served 12 consecutive years in post).

Caroline Ley

Caroline Ley

The Society belongs to us, its members; it is based on strong and enduring principles, but this does not preclude change. Going forward I would like to see more done on climate issues. The focus on local produce, and the availability of smaller community based shops, is a great starting point, but more progress is needed. I would be very pleased to contribute to that initiative.

John Hawkins

John Hawkins

I have served as a Director for 8 years, chairing two committees- Performance Review (oversight of all commercial activities) and Remuneration and Search (major personnel issues) and sat on the Audit Committee. My last 14 years at work were as Chief Executive and Returning Officer of a local authority and I was ultimately responsible for all its services, including emergency planning.

Nicola Fox

Nicola Fox

Since being elected in 2011, I’ve been actively involved in growing the Society’s businesses, setting strategy, analysing and developing new initiatives, increasing members’ involvement and holding senior management to account. I’ve undertaken extensive training specific to being a Director of our Society.

Jane Nice

Jane Nice

Born and raised in Ipswich, I have worked for the Society for 26 years, progressing to my current role as a CIPD qualified HR Business Partner. Being a proud member of the Society, a local resident and colleague, I understand what our members, colleagues and community need from us as a business, in line with our values and principles.

The 2020 Candidates

You can read a little bit about each of the 2020 candidates, their background and their personal statements here.

When did voting take place?

Voting for this year's Directors Elections took place from 9th October. Both postal and online votes were required to be submitted by 12noon on 3rd November. 

Who can vote?

To vote in our Director Elections, you must be eligible to vote. To be eligible a member must have £1 or more in their share account and have been a member for 6 months or more on the date of the AMM. 

If you would like to check whether you are eligible to vote in next year's elections, or to pay your £1 into your share account, you can contact our Member Support Team on or by calling 0800 389 5354.

How to vote

Please note: Voting has now closed. 

If you are eligible to vote, you will be sent an email with a link to our online voting portal.  If you have registered to vote by post, then you will receive your ballot papers in the mail from 12th October, 2020. 

On your online or postal ballot you will be able to view the candidates, read their personal statements and cast your vote.

Both our postal and online voting are operated by independent election specialists, Civica, who are regulated by the electoral commission.

If you are eligible to vote, but have not yet registered, the deadline to register for a postal vote is 28th October, while the deadline to register to vote online is 2nd November. 

Both postal and online votes must be received by 12noon on 3rd November. 

If you believe that you are eligible to vote but have not recieved an online or postal voting form, please contact who will arrange for this to be sent to you.