About the 2020 AMM

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What is the Annual Members' Meeting?​

The Annual Members' Meeting is the East of England Co-op's annual general meeting. This meeting brings together our members, colleagues, leadership team and Board of Directors and gives our members the opportunity to have their say on how we run the business.  It is open for all East of England Co-op members to attend.​

What happens during the meeting?​

In this meeting our members get the opportunity to discuss how we've been doing with the Board and the Leadership team. There will be a number of updates on what we've been up to in the last financial year and due to the timing of this year's meeting we will also be updating on more recent events including our response to coronavirus. During this meeting the Board and members officially receive the Annual Report and Accounts.​​

You can view the 2020 meeting agenda here. You can also review the minutes from the 2019 Annual Members' Meeting and our Annual Report for the year ended 25th January 2020.​​  The 2020 Minutes will be available on the website shortly.

Members were able to submit motions for discussion at the meeting in advance.  All eligible members, (those who have been members for over 6 months and have £1 in their share account) are able to submit motions  in adance of an Annual Members' Meeting, as well as voting on motions on the day.  We also announced the results of our Director Elections.


Members were able to submit a question in advance of and during the AMM. Some were answered on the night, the rest have been answered and are available to view on our website here.