At HL Perfitt we have a reputation for selecting and importing the finest materials from quarries and manufacturers all over the world. Our Diss workshop is home to the largest selection of stone in the East of England and we would be delighted to help you hand pick the exact piece to bring your kitchen to life.

One of the hardest naturally occurring stones, granite is as beautiful as it is durable. The subtle variations in colour and vein are almost impossible to recreate in a man-made substance and ensure that no two pieces are alike.

Manufactured using 90% natural quartz, these hard-wearing work surfaces have been engineered for resilience, meaning they are able to retain their lustre for a lifetime with only minimal maintenance. Our stunning range of quartz countertops offer the same luxurious feel and weight of entirely natural stone, while benefitting from the consistency of colour and pattern which cannot be achieved organically.

Naturally lighter and less dense than some other natural stones, limestone is deceptively durable and maintains its appearance as it ages. This versatile material is available in an array of colours; from the almost white Portland stone, to the striking charcoal grey of Belgian Fossil and everything in between.

Timeless and unmistakeable, marble has been adding a touch of glamour to homes across the world for centuries. Characterised by its dramatic veining, this distinctive natural stone can also be found in a host of colours, from the almost pure white of Carrara marble, to the dramatic black of the fine Nero Marquinho marble.

Like limestone, marble requires a slightly greater level of care than other naturally occurring materials but with the correct treatment will last for decades.

Fantastically durable and easy to clean, slate requires very little maintenance to keep it looking its best. While you won’t find the same degree of variation in slate as you might in other natural stones, there are several different shades available and each unique piece will have its own subtle, but no less distinguishing, features.

Popular for use in every area of the kitchen, slate’s resilience makes it ideal for those seeking a practical, yet stylish surface.

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