Hearing Care Services

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Having difficulty with your hearing? Visit your local East of England Co-op optician or pharmacy today

If you think you may be having difficulty with your hearing, simply visit your local East of England Co-op optician or pharmacy and a member of the team will carry out a free, short hearing check.

Step one - Free hearing check

If you’re over 18 and worried about your hearing, you can ask for a free hearing check in any East of England Co-op optical or pharmacy branch.

Your free hearing check will be carried out by one of our trained Hearing Care Heroes and it’ll only take 2 minutes. The free check will identify if you would benefit from a free full hearing assessment with one of our friendly Specialist Hearing Aid Audiologists.

Step two - Free hearing assessment

If hearing loss is identified in your free hearing check, our hearing care hero will book you into full hearing assessment which will be carried out by one of our qualified Specialist Hearing Aid Audiologists.

The assessment takes about an hour and is more in-depth, taking into account your lifestyle, medical history and hearing difficulties. After the assessment we will explain the results and if required make suitable recommendations.

Step three - Hearing aid selection

If the hearing assessment identifies you would benefit from a hearing aid, you can choose from a wide selection of modern hearing aids which can help restore hearing levels, they are lightweight, discreet and easy to wear.

We will help you select the most suitable hearing aid to suit your budget and lifestyle.

Please note we can only dispense private hearing aids to those who require them and we do not provide NHS hearing tests and hearing aids. We will always advise customers of their NHS entitlements.

Step four - Aftercare

We’re so confident in our hearing aids, we offer the following aftercare guarantees:

  • 30-day return policy, if you are not totally happy you can swap your hearing aid for a different model or get your money back
  • Free batteries and filters for 12 months
  • A full 2-year warranty
  • Unlimited free hearing aid adjustments
  • A free 2-year reminder and re-assessment, ensuring your aid is regularly adjusted to your hearing