Fair Funerals Pledge

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We have signed up our 60 branches to the Fair Funerals Pledge.

In an important step towards fairness in the industry, all 60 of our funeral branches to the Fair Funeral pledge. This is the largest single sign up for the Fair Funerals campaign to date, launched by anti-poverty charity Quaker Social Action in 2014. The campaign encourages businesses to make the most affordable funeral package visible to the public, communicate prices in initial conversations and prominently display full price lists.

As part of the Fair Funerals Pledge, all our funeral branches are fully committed to explaining their costs and providing a choice of prices, including the availability of a simple, dignified, low cost funeral. The campaign aims to tackle funeral poverty at its root, recognising that anyone grieving the loss of a loved-one deserves an equal opportunity to arrange a meaningful, affordable funeral. The pledge ensures customers are given the best advice available at a time when they may be at their most vulnerable.

We have long championed transparency of pricing for funerals, and ensuring that a dignified funeral service is available to all. We recognise the rising importance of funeral costs to those who use our services, and our need to ensure that we have a range of professional options tailored to those whose financial means may be limited. The transparency and openness of the pledge matches the co-operative principles that our business is built on and we are proud to support the Fair Funeral campaign.