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Traditional skills handed down through three generations.

Dad-decorating-cakes.jpegDelicious products from Woodbridge Cake Shop can be found in selected East of England Co-op stores. 

"Our relationship with the Co-op family started in 1946, when Jonathan and Miriam Wright came to Suffolk from Northumberland. Their cousin, John Smith, was the head baker at the Co-op in Newcastle and agreed to help them set up. 

"Now, nearly 75 years later, we have rekindled that relationship. Since providing our bakes through the East of England Co-op we have been able to grow the business, upgrade our facilities and start writing a new chapter in our history." 

Owner of Woodbridge Cake Shop 

Woodbridge Cake Shop


Pop to your local East of England Co-op to find great Sourced Locally products!*

*Selected stores.