Woodbridge Tide Mill

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Wheels and stones continue to turn, grinding the grain as they have done for hundreds of years.

Woodbridge Tide Mill has had a strong relationship with the East of England Co-op for many years, sharing many values in common and, of course, benefitting from each other’s strengths.

"A central part of the East of England Co-op’s appeal is its commitment to ‘high quality local goods direct from our producers’. The Tide Mill flour products ticks all these boxes.

"The two organisations both stand up for sustainability and low energy waste. The Co-op saves energy in many ways not just by sourcing locally. The Mill holds a Gold Suffolk Carbon Charter and is the epitome of free energy - producing healthy foodstuffs from tidal power.

"The East of England Co-op stocks the Tide Mill’s wholemeal Traditional and Fine flour giving local people a great, local product produced in a green manner. Initiatives taken by the Tide Mill for community events have been actively supported by the Co-op and working together in this way benefits both parties.

"As a charity, the Tide Mill needs to generate income to provide for the expensive maintenance required to keep a centuries old wooden mill located next to the river Deben in business. Flour sales make a significant contribution to this annual income and we are very happy and proud that the East of England Co-op is one of our main retail outlets."

To find out more: https://woodbridgetidemill.org.uk/ 

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