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Healthy and delicious deli snacks


Mama K’s mission is to create healthy and delicious tasting products, while maintaining an authentic, traditional Middle Eastern and Mediterranean taste. The Mama K team believe good presentation, clear labelling and the freshest ingredients are key elements to the success of their products. 

“We started our business with the aim of supplying healthy low calorie vegetarian and vegan snacks at affordable prices. Our range of tasty, nutritious products include couscous, salads and houmous. Everything is made locally and based on authentic Mediterranean recipes. The Mediterranean diet, rich in pulses and oils, is recognised for its health properties.

We are grateful to the East of England Co-op for providing us with the platform to offer our products as a healthier 'food on the go' option, not just to the growing number of vegetarians and vegans, but also to anyone looking for nutritious, lower calorie alternatives.

We are continuing to develop new products in line with the latest trends and we are planning to introduce a number of new vegan snacks based on falafel, as well as sweet potato pakoras with mini dips such as sweet chilli and spicy tomato.

I would really like to thank the East of England Co-op for helping a new start up challenger brand like ours, by recognising the benefits of our products and making them available to its customers as a healthier snacking option.” 

Mama K team

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