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Suffolk fresh strawberries for the summer

Andrew and Gill Sturgeon bought Lindsey Lodge Farm near Hadleigh in 1986 and for the last 20 years have been growing strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, runner beans, pumpkins and even Christmas trees.

They started supplying the East of England Co-op in 1995 and are now a trusted partner within our Sourced Locally family.

The Lodge Farm team have an early morning start to pick the fruits, pack them in the farm packhouse and deliver to 45 stores throughout east and south Suffolk. Its dedicated workforce ensures that high-quality, fresh produce is available across the summer months, with fruit delivered within hours of being picked.

Grown for flavour, texture and sweetness

Having been a Sourced Locally partner for the East of England Co-op for more than six years, Andrew and Gill work tirelessly to ensure our customers receive really fresh produce that’s sweeter, juicier and more delicious than those with greater food miles.

“We supply the East of England Co-op with strawberries from the end of May until the end of September and because we are able to deliver directly from farm to store, customers can enjoy the fruit in field-fresh condition – juicy, sweet and delicious.”

Andrew Sturgeon

A natural environment

Lodge Farm produce carries the ‘Red Tractor’ logo and the ‘LEAF Marque’, signifying that it is carefully grown to the highest standards.

Andrew and Gill also place huge emphasis on the natural environment around the farm, maintaining and creating habitats wherever they can. A wide range of flora and fauna flourish there.

“The East of England Co-op has allowed us to get our products quickly from our fields to their stores ensuring customers enjoy really fresh produce. Our locally sourced strawberries are always very popular, the punnets selling almost as fast as they get delivered. Maintaining supplies for this demand keeps us all very busy throughout the summer.”

Andrew Sturgeon 

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