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All about real food ingredients, for real pleasure.

East of England co-op have stocked renowned Kettle products for a long time now but why are they so great? 

Kettle only ever use real ingredients to give you the best taste and texture. That means no added MSG, artificial flavours or colours. Everything is made with care by people with a real passion and enthusiasm for what they do. 


Take their chips. they hunt out the best potatoes, locally grown wherever they can. Then they hand cook them with care in small batches and season with simply great tasting combinations of ingredients. And ta-da, great crunch and flavour every time. 

“Kettle® Chips is proud of its Norfolk heritage, where the best potatoes are, and that is why we have been making snacks in Norwich for over 30 years! The East of England Co-op gives us a fantastic platform to service the customers in our home territory the friendly Co-op way.”


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