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Making life easier with a new range of delicious dishes for kids.


We understand that life is busy. That's why we are proud to be supplying Jess Cooks products in a selection of our Food stores. 

In 2011, Jess founded a children’s cookery business and spent eight years whipping up all kinds of food with kids of all ages and abilities. This experience gave her a unique perspective on how to approach food with children - even the fussiest ones! 

Like us, Jess understands we don’t always have time to create a healthy, homemade meal from scratch. 

Jess questioned why there seemed to be loads of great pre-made foods out there for babies and young children, but very few quick and easy meal options for older kids, apart from the usual high salt, high fat, frozen options. And hence, Jess Cooks was born!   


Every Jess Cooks meal is handmade in small batches in Suffolk using only locally sourced East Anglian meat and chicken, which is 100% traceable from farm to fork. Each dish also contains at least three types of vegetables. There are no artificial flavours or colours, no added sugar and all of Jess's dishes are low in salt. They are also rapidly frozen straight after cooking to naturally preserve their nutritional content and flavour, and every meal is served in a cardboard tray which is fully recyclable, as are the cardboard sleeves.

Jess Cooks will be launching into selected East of England Co-op Food stores in the autumn, just when the kids go back to school and life gets just that little bit busier. Jess says, “As a Suffolk girl, I am thrilled to be launching into the East of England Co-op. I love their Sourced Locally range, so I’m delighted to be a part of such an important initiative.” 

Pop to your local East of England Co-op to find great Sourced Locally products!*

*Selected stores.