Havensfield Eggs

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Their local, fresh free-range eggs are graded and packed on the farm, often on the same day they are laid.

Over the last ten years, Havensfield Eggs has grown and expanded from 900 birds to 100,000. The company’s farm at Hoxne is home to one laying flock as well as the packing and grading establishment, with further flocks located on family farms in Essex and Norfolk.

Happy hens lay delicious eggs

Havensfield Eggs take the welfare of its hens very seriously. This diligence enables them to be 100% confident in the end product that our customers enjoy on a daily basis.

"Here at Havensfield we believe the secret to a delicious egg is a happy hen. We offer a quality product – free range eggs produced and packed locally. We take the welfare of our hens extremely seriously and for us, the chicken and egg both come first. All our eggs are produced and packed to our high Havensfield standard, ensuring consistency and allowing us to be 100% confident in our product." Alaistaire Brice

With an eye on their environmental impact too – all the company’s packaging can be recycled and some chicken sheds are powered using electricity from wind turbines. Alaistaire and Fiona hope to use solar panels on some of their farms in the future.

Big enough to compete, but small enough to care

Havensfield Eggs has grown on the basis of quality eggs at realistic prices. Its customers know that they deliver what they promise, with high levels of quality assurance and traceability. 

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