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Delicious Gluten Free bread that will leave you wanting more!

Davina Steel loved artisan bread! That was until she became severeley intolerant to gluten, leaving her restricted to a much smaller range. Davina found the gluten free bread she could find to be dry, sweet and crumbly, whilst some tasted of chemicals.  

On a mission to find great tasting, gluten free bread, Davina began experimenting with her own recipes, removing sugar and additives to recreate "normal" bread. After a few months of intensive research and baking (and in her own words, "creating loaves that even the birds wouldn't eat!") she finally discovered the Holy Grail of gluten free: beautiful bread that tasted so good you wanted to the eat the whole loaf - and go back for another slice (or two!)

If you're looking for a gluten free bread, pick up one of Davina's mixes at your local Co-op. 

To find out more visit their website: https://www.davinasteel.com/ 

Pop to your local East of England Co-op to find great Sourced Locally products! * 

*Selected stores.