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Zingy and fresh, naturally tasty Asian sauces.


Want to add a little kick to your food? The East of England Co-op have you covered! 

Fresh garlic, ginger, jalapeno peppers, chilli and limes are blended to create Bala Chang's sweet chilli sauces that are zingy and fresh. Whilst coconut, plum, mango, apple and pineapple bring a touch of the unexpected. With a large range of sauces, there is something to compliment any dish.

Choose from: 

  • Apple Sweet Chilli 

  • Coconut Sweet Chilli 

  • Asian Plum Sweet Chilli 

  • Mango and Passionfruit Sweet Chilli 

  • Thai Sweet Chilli 

  • Pineapple Sweet Chilli 

“The Co-op have been a huge support. They recognise our focus on producing sweet chilli sauces that are full of flavour.

"Right from the start, Bala Chang wanted our sweet chilli sauces to be full of fruits, in fact the fruitier the combination the better. It’s all about the taste!

"The Co-op’s values are fantastic; caring for small producers, supporting us to produce food with integrity which helps grow our business.”

Rob Dale, Founder of Bala Chang 

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