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Here are some gorgeous recipes for you, using great qualiy products that you can find in your local East of England co-op.


We think Pancake Day (28th February) is a great opportunity to encourage children to get involved in the kitchen and to inspire them to start cooking.

When little hands are involved recipes are best kept simple. We’ve whittled it down to the essentials, using products from our Sourced Locally range, and used a mug as a measuring tool to keep pancake making quick and easy, with delicious and satisfying results. 

Basic pancake recipe: no scales needed! 


Serves 6

1 mug of plain flour from Marriage's 

1 mug of Marybelle milk

1 beaten Havensfield egg

Knob of butter



Add the flour, milk and eggs to a mixing bowl and beat until you get a thick consistency.

Melt the butter on a pan using a medium heat. Add around a ladle of the mix to the pan and cook on each side for 3-5 minutes.

Have fun with your toppings and why not explore savoury options?


Honey and seed pancakes

For a sweet option with an added vitamin boost for all the family try honey and seed pancakes.  Simply add a handful of roasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds from Munchy Seeds in Leiston to the pancake batter, cook as normal and drizzle with clear honey from the Great Tilkey Honey Company in Coggeshall.

To balance the health benefits of this sweet treat even further, top the pancakes with fresh fruit.  Rhubarb and bananas are currently in season and packed with potassium and fibre.


Leek and mushroom filled pancakes

Pancakes are predominantly eaten as a dessert, but it’s actually the same batter mix as a Yorkshire pudding.  They lend themselves just as well to savoury toppings, so families can celebrate Pancake Day through their main course, rather than having to buy additional ingredients for a pudding as well. 

For a quick and easy meal, packed with seasonal vegetables, try filling pancakes with homemade creamy leek and mushroom sauce.  Fry leeks from local fields like Home Farm in Nacton and organic mushrooms from Suffolk’s Capel Mushrooms in some olive oil. Then mix in butter, flour, milk and wholegrain mustard to make a creamy sauce.

Top tips from the experts:

Hannah Marriage, Marriage's, shares some of her top tips for successful pancake making:

  • Be careful not to overbeat the batter – doing so can make your pancakes tough and chewy.
  • If mixing pancake batter by hand, use a whisk rather than a wooden spoon; this will give a smooth texture.
  • Rest your batter in the fridge for at least half an hour before using, to achieve lighter pancakes.
  • When cooking pancakes, you only need to use a small amount of oil - a couple of drops in the pan should be enough.
  • A hot pan is key when making pancakes – so ensure that you are using a high heat.
  • A shallow non-stick pancake pan can be a handy investment to help achieve thin French style crepes.
  • Use a measuring cup or a ladle to measure out pancake mixture into the pan, this will help ensure your pancakes are of a consistent shape.
  • Use a thin palette knife to edge around finished pancakes and ease them out of the pan, rather than a fish slice.
  • Have some warmed plates ready to stack cooked pancakes onto, with layers of greaseproof paper between them.
  • Don't wash the pan out between pancakes - simply wipe with kitchen roll to retain its coating.

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