Reducing waste at the East of England Co-op

We are trying to reduce our waste and keep as much food in the food chain as possible. We have decided to start selling food past the Best Before date to help reduce the levels of waste that our stores have. 

Even if it means selling it for just 10p. 

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Best before dates:

Best Before dates are quality dates given by the manufacturer. A great deal of products will not deteriorate even after the Best Before date has passed. We are legally allowed to sell products that have passed their Best Before date. 

Use by dates:

Use By dates on the other hand are applied to products that may be harmful if eaten past the Use By date. They are used for products that have  a short shelf life, including milk and meat. Products with a Use By date cannot be sold after their expiration date.

The food we will be selling is still edible and enjoyable  past its Best Before date, but it needs to be eaten as soon as possible after purchase.  It is mainly tinned and dried goods where eating past the Best Before date is still perfectly safe. We are now including fruit, cakes, vegetables and bread.

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Did you know?

  • 30–50% of food produced globally for human consumption is wasted every year

  • That’s 7.3 million tonnes per year in the UK,  or 20,000 tonnes every day

  • The average UK family wastes almost £60  per month on uneaten food

  • For the average UK family with children that’s almost £720 per year spent on uneaten food

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Reducing food waste

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