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What is Fairtrade?

Fairtrade is a movement for better prices, fair working conditions, and equitable trade for farmers and workers in low-income countries. It's not just about tracing product origins, but about improving the lives and futures of the people who produce them.

The East of England Co-op has been selling Fairtrade goods for over 20 years and in 1998 Co-op became the first supermarket in the UK to start selling Fairtrade products in every store.

Fairtrade and Climate Justice 

Farmers and workers in countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia, and Honduras, who have done little to contribute to climate change, are disproportionately affected by it. The climate crisis is the biggest threat to their livelihoods, and they need better income to adapt to changing weather patterns and adopt low-carbon farming methods. Choosing Fairtrade shows solidarity with those on the front lines of the crisis and supports long-term change.

The climate crisis poses an immediate threat to farmers' livelihoods and products such as chocolate, coffee, and bananas. To tackle the crisis, farmers in climate-vulnerable countries need fairer prices, trading practices, and investment to adapt and mitigate its effects. However, we can't rely solely on governments to solve the crisis. That's why choosing Fairtrade is a crucial step in supporting farmers and fighting for climate justice.

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The problem:

Climate change is an immediate threat to farmers’ livelihoods, and to the products we love, like chocolate, coffee and bananas. Unless we clamp down hard on global emissions, we will all suffer. As a matter of justice and a matter of science, the matter of the climate crisis cannot be delayed any longer.

Image: Fairtrade cotton producer Kamalini Naik. Credit Fairtrade / Ranita Roy / Fairpicture

What needs to happen? 

Farmers in climate vulnerable countries need fairer value, fairer prices and fairer trading practices to resource the investment needed for mitigation, adaptation, diversification and resilience in the face of the climate crisis. And we can’t rely on global summits and governments to take action fast enough to solve the climate crisis.  Smallholder farmers simply can’t foot the bill for adapting to economic and climate change on their current incomes. This fortnight and beyond, Fairtrade is asking shoppers to act now and choose Fairtrade to back the farmers behind some of our favourite products so that they are paid fairly and can keep farming through this crisis.

How does choosing Fairtrade support farmers facing the Climate Crisis now? 

Our trading system is weighted against low-income farmers. The prices paid for the crops behind some of our favourite foods need to increase significantly in order for farmers to earn enough to support themselves and their families and still have the means to adapt to the changing climate. Now more than ever, they need fairer pay, fairer prices and fairer trading practices.

Image: Fairtrade banana farmer, Roberto Gallo. Credit: Ángela Ponce / Fairtrade / Fairpicture

What can you do?

Choosing Fairtrade is one simple decision UK shoppers and businesses can make to stand with farmers and workers on the frontline of the climate crisis. Fairtrade works with farmers to strengthen environmental and climate protection, to share resources, training and knowledge so they can face climate challenges right now.

Choose Fairtrade this Fairtrade Fortnight and beyond; choose to fight for climate justice, for farmers on the front line of the climate crisis, for our planet and for future generations.

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