Free Range Eggs

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The East of England Co-op only sells Free Range fresh whole eggs from the UK.

We also only use Free Range eggs as an ingredient in our own brand products.

Avian flu is a virus which can infect birds and make them ill. This year, recorded cases of avian flu in the UK have been low and the government has not imposed any countrywide measures to protect UK birds. 

However, in some countries, Free Range hens are currently being kept indoors under a housing order issued by their government to protect hens from avian flu and to keep them well. Holland is one of the countries affected. There are twelve Cooperative Group products which use liquid free range eggs from Holland as one of their ingredients. This means that at the moment it cannot be claimed that these twelve products contain Free Range eggs. As soon as the restrictions are lifted in Holland, they will revert to Free Range again.  

These are the twelve Cooperative Group own brand products affected:- 

  • Choux Buns (2)
  • Irresistible Chocolate and Honeycomb Éclairs (2)
  • Chocolate Éclairs (2)
  • Jaffa Cakes (270g)
  • Sour Cream and Chive Dip (200g)
  • Reduced Fat Sour Cream and Chive Dip (200g)
  • Onion and Garlic dip (200g)
  • Cheese and Chive dip (200g)
  • Caesar Dressing (150g)
  • Mini Classic dip Selection (240g)
  • Mini Tex Mex dip Selection (240g)
  • Hollandaise Sauce (140g)

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If you require further information about Avian Flu please contact:

DEFRA Helpline:

Tel: 03459 335577



Food Standards Agency:

Tel: 020 7276 8829