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Ethics and Sustainability

The East of England Co-op believes it is important to make sure that our members and customers are not only offered a great range of quality products, but also to ensure that our goods are being sold in a safe, responsible and ethical way.

You can find a variety of information in this section of the site that outlines our policies and guidelines on the sales of certain items.

You can find out Modern Slavery Statement here. 

Age restricted products

As a responsible local business, we must abide by certain laws to ensure the health and safety of customers and colleagues.

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Reducing waste at the East of England Co-op

The food we will be selling is still edible and enjoyable past its Best Before date, but it needs to be eaten as soon as possible after purchase. It is mainly tinned and dried goods where eating past

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Fairtrade Fortnight

We believe in giving suppliers a fair price – whether they’re part of our Sourced Locally scheme or a cocoa farmer from Ghana

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Carrier bags

You will know that large retailers are now required by law to charge for single-use plastic carrier bags.

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The Trussell Trust, released figures stating that over 1,109,309 3-day food parcels were distributed across the UK during 2015-2016.

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Food safety

According to 'Love Food, Hate Waste' we throw away around 7 million tonnes of food and drink every year, costing us a staggering £12.5billion.

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'Free From' foods

High quality, great-tasting products for those who want to avoid wheat, gluten or dairy are now in all our stores.

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Reducing the strength

The East of England Co-op has put an end to the sale of cheap, super-strength beers and ciders in all its stores

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