Every Minute Counts

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Working with the East of England Ambulance Service, we’ve installed 100 Community Access Defibrillators in harder to reach towns and villages across Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex.

An ambulance will always be dispatched to the scene of a potential cardiac arrest. But statistics show that if someone is able to administer CPR or use a defibrillator within the first four minutes, there is a significant increase in the chance of survival.

Our Every Minute Counts campaign has seen us place this potentially life saving equipment in harder to reach communities across the region and provided local people with the opportunity to learn basic CPR skills from the East of England Ambulance Service and First Responders.

With units placed on the outside of many of our stores, as well as in other prominent community locations such as libraries, GP surgeries and village halls, each of the units are easily accessible 24 hours a day.

Taking action

If someone collapses and isn't breathing normally:

  1. Call 999
  2. The 999 operator will direct you to the nearest defibrillator and give you a number code to open the defibrillator cabinet
  3. The defibrillator is fully automated and will talk you through the process in really easy steps. You will also have support from the 999 operator until the ambulance service arrives to take over. The defibrillator will not apply an electric shock if not needed.