Unpaid Carers

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There are almost 270,000 unpaid carers in our region, including 50,000 young carers, some as young as 4 years old.

Already isolated and under severe financial pressure, unpaid carers have been hit harder than most by Coronavirus taking on increased caring responsibilities

With a £57,000 donation we’re supporting 5 carer organisations across Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex, to adapt and expand their services enabling carers to receive help where it is needed most.

Suffolk Family Carers

We’ve supported a new part-time post at Suffolk Family Carers to alleviate the stress of overwhelming paperwork to help unpaid carers obtain and retain the benefits they are entitled to. 
And we’ve also supported the Young Carers Teams to develop a new program for children aged 8 and under, helping to build resilience as a family and balance the young carers caring responsibilities with just being a child and growing up
Watch Hayley Hancock from Suffolk Family Carers talking about our support here
More information visit - www.suffolkfamilycarers.org

Norfolk Family Carers

40% of young carers say their mental health is worse (Carers Trust Survey - July 2020)
We’ve supported Norfolk Family Carers to provide a new activity-based programme to help over 200 young carers struggling with their wellbeing or mental health, particularly during this challenging time.
We’ve also supported the organsation to arrange ‘time out’ for families living with autism to  have fun, quality time and make memories in a non-judgemental, calming environment.
To find out more about Norfolk Family Carers visit  https://norfolkfamilycarers.org/

Caring Together Norfolk

“Enjoyed meeting up with old friends and new faces this morning over a virtual cuppa – it’s a relief to talk to people that know what you are going through”
We’ve funded Caring Together Norfolk so that they can support carers of all ages:
  • providing an additional 200 PPE packs to families in need to help keep them safe
  • providing emergency respite for those carers being pushed to breaking point
  • expanding their online service to deliver virtual get togethers to keep carers connected
Visit https://www.caringtogether.org/ to find out more about how Caring Together are making a difference to unpaid carers

Carers First Essex

As part of their lockdown wellbeing calls, Carers First Essex, staff and volunteers have spoken to many carers, bereaved recently or  bereaved in the past with Coronavirus, bringing memories to the fore.
We’ve funded accredited, professional bereavement training to upskill 40 Carers First staff and volunteers to enable a more personalised and appropriate support to bereaved carer.
Watch Veronica Sadowsky talk about our support to Carers First Essex here.
To find out more about the support and services Carers First Essex provides n our region visit https://www.carersfirst.org.uk/essex

Action for Family Carers Essex

We've supported a part-time Dementia Specialist worker to enable Action for Family Carers Essex to deliver a new face to face activity-based service, bringing people with dementia together in a stimulating, fun, friendly and safe environment.
To see how Action for Family Carers is making a positive difference to carers of all ages in Essex visit  https://affc.org.uk/