Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal

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The crisis in Ukraine is growing. According to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), more than 3 million people have fled their homes. 18 million people, including children, are expected to be affected. They may have lost loved ones as well as their homes in the conflict. The DEC is a group of 15 UK charities (including Save the Children and Oxfam) who work together to respond quickly and effectively to overseas crises such as this one. ​

To support those affected by the Ukraine crisis, the East of England Co-op are launching a campaign on Monday 21st March to raise money for the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. ​​

There are several ways you can support the campaign in our food stores. 

You can donate at the till by cash and card. Please note you will need to ask a colleague for help if you wish to donate and you are using a self service till. 

There will also be collection buckets in our stores if you would like to make a cash donation that way. 

All monies raised will go to the DEC's Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. ​ ​

Thank you so much for your support.