Small things, Big Difference

We're a relatively small business compared to the 'big guys' but we know small things can make a big difference.

You probably know us best from popping to your local Co-op Daily food store, but there's much more to us than that.

Great Tilkey Honey Essex

Michael started out with only one hive and with our help he now has a thriving business and is part of our Sourced Locally range and winner of Producer of the Year 2017.


Co-op Juniors

We've supported the Co-op Juniors for over 70 years, bringing thousands of young people together and helping their dreams come true.

Small is beautiful

There are things that we do because we’re passionately local.

Like our award winning Sourced Locally initiative which supports local producers, helps grow our local economy and delivers fantastic fresh produce to our stores.

There are small things we do that are practical.

Like paying our suppliers on time; a big difference for a small local business. Or working towards making all our colleagues trained Dementia Friends; a big difference to our shoppers and their families. And only buying energy from green sources; a big difference to our environment.

Some small things that we do go to the heart of our communities.

Like the projects we support, from installing defibrillators, to supplying tea to dementia cafes, helping retired police dogs and many more

It all adds up to something bigger

We know that it's not just one thing that we do, as your local co-op, that makes us different. 

If you've experienced the East of England Co-op going the extra mile, we'd love to hear from you. 

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