Bringing young people together

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We think it’s important that young people are provided with the opportunities and support, to give them the very best start in life.

By working with fantastic local groups and organisations we aim to promote healthy lifestyles and educate the co-operators of the future.

  • Co-op Juniors

    We're proud to have been supporting the Co-op Juniors Theatre Company since it was first founded during the Second World War. Today it provides over 100 young performers with the opportunity to perform in spectacular annual performances to thousands of local people.

  • The CRESS Project

    We're working with Activlives to help create stronger, healthier communities by getting more people involved in gardening, horticulture, produce nature and the environment.

    The ActiveLives CRESS project is all about growing - growing healthy food, growing skills, growing fitter, growing friends, growing communities and growing partnerships through a wide range of initiatives including school gardening programmes, a community cafe and food produce centre, volunteering and apprenticeships and healthy lifestyle workshops.

  • Eastfeast

    We're excited to be supporting Eastfeast's work to support young people and their communities become responsible and enterprising Co-operators.

    We've provided funding to allow Eastfeast to run separate projects in five primary schools in harder to reach communities in Suffolk. Each bespoke project focuses on the social, economic and cultural influence of food in Suffolk and the East of England. The children also learn about enterprise, learning from local food producers and understanding the ethos of working co-operatively.

  • Breakfast Clubs

    A good breakfast and healthy snacks give our young learners a great start for their day ahead. That's why we're pleased to be supporting breakfast clubs and snack times at schools and nurseries across the region.