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Applying for Co-op Cuppa is easy

Step One

First things first: you must be an East of England Co-op member to apply for Co-op Cuppa. If you're not already a member you can join online or in-store. 

Step Two

Apply for Co-op Cuppa for a one-off event or for ongoing support, letting us know who you are and how you plan to use your free supply of Co-operative Fairtrade 99 Tea. 

Step Three

Once we're confident that you're a good 'teacipient', you'll receive your Co-op Cuppa kit in the post. This will include your Co-op Cuppa voucher along with some other bits and pieces to help get you started. 

Step Four

Take yout Co-op Cuppa voucher into your nominated Co-op store and pick up your free supply of tea. 

Step Five

Boil the kettle and enjoy!


This is the six digit number on your membership card. You must be a member to apply.
This is the address we will send your Co-op Cuppa kit to. Without a full address we will be unable to process your application.
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