Community Token Scheme

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Applying for support from the East of England Co-op

This form is the application process for the Community Token Scheme. We support groups / organisations in our communities in a number of different ways. Please make sure you are applying for the support that best suits your needs. 

Our Community Token Scheme is how our members can have a say on how we support local good causes – every time they use one of our food stores. 

Every time one of our members shops with us they’re given a green token, which they pop in the box of the good cause they want to support. The more tokens a good cause gets, the bigger the donation they receive – up to £500! 

How it works 

Local good causes can apply at any time to take part in our Community Token scheme – you just have to be a member of our co-op and meet our community funding policy. 

The Community Token Scheme is split into four funding rounds each year - you can find the dates below. 

Round 4
16th September - 15th December 2019


Round 1
16th December 2019 - 15th March 2020

Round 2
16th March - 14th June

Round 3
15th June - 13th September 

Round 4
14th September - 13th December

During each funding round our members will have a chance to vote on the local good cause they want to support by popping a green token in a box. Tokens are only given out to our members. It’s one of the ways we give them a say in what how we support our community. 

At the end of each funding round, the project that has received the most tokens receives £500, second place receives £300 and third place £200.  

Don’t worry if you’re not successful the first time, we keep applications for a year, so you’ll have four chances to be part of the scheme.   

We do however receive a large number of applications which unfortunately means we may not be able to support everyone who applies.  

If you do not get selected, you can re-apply to be part of the scheme after a year.  

You or your group must be an East of England Co-op member to apply. You can join online now or in-store. 

Apply for Community Token Scheme

By completing this form, you are applying to take part in our Community Token scheme.

Don't forget, you must be a member of the East of England Co-op to apply and you must meet the criteria set out in our Community Funding Policy.