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Frequently asked questions

More information on how we're supporting our community

  • Why have you chosen to work with these groups?

    We have long associations with each of these groups and food poverty and supporting our ageing population are both areas that our members have voted for us to support.  We feel that this is the most efficient and effective way to support key groups.

    Each of these groups has established networks and support teams that can reach a much greater number of people that we can directly.

  • My community group or project isn’t listed, how do I get support?

    In order to focus our efforts, we will not be processing funding requests directly.

    Any additional groups seeking funding should approach their county’s Community Foundation who are each administering funding through individual coronavirus community response their county.

    We have initially contributed £4,000 to the Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex Community Foundations.

    More information on how these schemes can be accessed can be found at the links below:

  • Can I purchase food in bulk to support a community project?

    We’re afraid we are currently unable to provide support to groups looking to buy food in bulk.

    We currently have restrictions on the number of products customers can purchase to help ensure food is available to as many people as possible over the coming weeks and months.

  • Are you still running the Community Token Scheme?

    This has been paused temporarily, in order to divert funds to the above package of measures and to reduce the number of items our colleagues need to handle at the till.

    Groups in the current funding round have been contacted directly.

  • Can I buy store vouchers to purchase goods on behalf of a community group?

    If you would like to buy store vouchers in order to purchase goods for your community group, you can do so by emailing us at

  • Are you taking school meal vouchers?

    In common with all Independent Cooperative Societies, we cannot currently accept the electronic National School Vouchers issued by Edenred since we do not have the technical capability at our till points.

    We understand that schools have a responsibility to support pupils who may not be able to access stores that are not part of national programme.  Schools can purchase paper vouchers to use in East of England Co-op stores, please email