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Frequently asked questions

More information on how we're supporting our community

  • How do I apply for a donation?

    If you are looking a donation towards items such as a raffle prize, refreshments for a community event or help with a school fete we may be able to help. You can apply here

    Please note that you must be a member of the East of England Co-op and we require at least 21 days notice in order to process your request. You must also read our Community Donation Policy. 

  • How do I apply for a sponsorship?

    You can apply for sponsorship towards events and projects such as sport team sponsorship, branding opportunities and local events here. 

    Please note we are unable to sponsor individuals. 

  • How do I apply for a Community Cares Fund grant?

    The East of England Co-op Community Cares Fund aims to support the work of voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations (VCSE) that are creating or adapting services or activities that will have a positive impact in the communities where the East of England Co-operative trades in Norfolk, Suffolk and North East Essex. 

    You will need to meet our criteria to apply for a Community Cares Fund grant. To find out more click here 

  • Why would my donation request be unsuccessful?

    Unfortunately there are instances where we will not be able to support your request; 

    • Non-members of the East of England Co-op 
    • Requests that do not meet the minimum 21 days notice 
    • Applications for large volumes of food, drink or other products e.g. Co-op bags 
    • Applications for funding to be used outside the UK, e.g. volunteering trips abroad, international crisis 
    • Individual’s challenges or requests, including medical funding, research, treks or similar requesting scholarships, entry fees in to charity races or sponsorships 

    See the full list and more information on our Community Donation Policy. 

  • Are you still running the Community Token and Community Giving schemes?

    Over the past year, the Community Cares Fund has enabled us to be much more responsive to the needs of people in our communities and direct our support to where it is most needed. To allow us to continue this good work, we have decided to direct the majority of our community support though the Community Cares Fund and have ceased operating the Community Token scheme in our food stores and Community Giving scheme in our Funeral branches.

  • How do I keep up to date with the latest Community news?

    Find out what we are supporting and any future events and projects we are supporting in your community on our website here. 

    You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date with the latest news.

  • What groups do the East of England Co-op support and how would I join them?

    Are you looking for a group to join?  Here at the East of England Co-op we have a variety of groups that we support - these vary from Singing Groups & Bands to Art Classes & Friendship Clubs. Click here to find out more information