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Cut, Cook & Compost this Halloween to prevent food-waste!

This Halloween we've got a range of things you can do with your pumpkin to ensure that nothing is put to waste! On this page you can view videos on the best ways to carve your pumpkin as well as creating a bird feeder with the left over seeds. We also have three delicious recipe cards for pumpkin soup, pumpkin pasta and pumpkin risotto!

We've teamed up with Helen from the Ipswich Woodcraft Folk to produce two videos to show exactly what you can do with your pumpkin! You can watch both of these below.

If you're looking for something to cook this Halloween then we've got you covered! Not only are these some great tasting meals, it's also a fantastic way to prevent food-waste by using up every part of your pumpkin. You can find the three different recipes below!

One of the great ways you can use up the flesh of your Pumpkin is to make a delicious pumpkin soup! This is a fantastic way of preventing food-waste by ensuring we use all the parts of the pumpkin. This recipe serves 6 people and takes 45 minutes to prepare & cook! You can download the recipe card here.



If you're not drawn to the idea of pumpkin soup then don't worry, we've got you covered! Click here to download our recipe card for pumpkin pasta. Another brilliant way to use up the contents of your pumpkin without wasting anything. This recipe serves 4 and takes a total of 1 hour - 1.5 hours to prepare & cook.



If you're looking for something a bit different, then why not try your hand at a pumpkin risotto! You can dowload the recipe card for this tasty dish here. This recipe serves 4 and takes 1.5 hours to prepare & cook!