In It To Bin It

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Keep us up to date with how much litter you've collected and share your pictures with us! 

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Show us your amazing efforts!

We love seeing the amazing things that our communities are doing. If you complete a litter pick be sure to snap some pictures and tag us in them via social media or use the above form to share them with us! 

We'd also like to know how much litter you've managed to collect so we can keep a tally of how much litter our fantastic customers and members have managed to collect.

Why get involved?

We are proud to call the East of England home. We live in one of the most beautiful areas of the country, with picturesque countryside and a stunning coastline, but sadly we’ve seen an increase in litter building up across our region recently.

We know you love and care about our region as much as we do so we think it’s time we took action.

Taking part in litter picking can be a lot of fun, especially in the summer months. It’s a fantastic way to get outdoors, connect with others and get some exercise.

How can I help?

We know there are many people who may want to get involved in their communities and help with ensuring their local area remains tidy for all to enjoy! So, we’ve equipped each of our Foodstores, Funeral & Travel Branches with a litter pick that can be borrowed by customers and members of the public. Just head into your local store or branch and ask a colleague about borrowing a litter pick!

Interested in helping clean up your local streets? Many of our stores and branches have a litter pick available to borrow!

Click here to find out where to borrow a litter pick from!

What have we done to help?

In 2021, we gave out 100 packs of litter picking equipment to community groups, schools and other local organisations as part of our ‘In it to bin it’ litter picking campaign during summer. We set out to collect as many bags of litter from across Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex before the end of summer with the support of our fantastic communities. 

Many of our colleagues also got involved by doing some litter picks of their own to help us clean up our local areas. In total, over 900 bags of litter were collected!

During this time we also ran a competition to see which group could collect the most bags of litter from around their community. Our winner was the brilliant Pride of Mersea group who collected an extremely impressive 300 bags of litter from the West Mersea area!