Supporting community issues

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Supporting the community issues that matter to you

We asked you to choose four community issues for us to support over the coming year.  

We had a great response, and thank you for taking the time to vote..   

Here’s the four issues you helped to choose;        

Helping to combat food poverty 

Many people struggle to eat a healthy and balanced diet. This can be due to several factors including lack of shops in an area, poor public transport, the range of healthy goods in local shops, income, fear of crime, knowledge about what is a healthy diet, and the skills to create healthy nutritious meals. 

Supporting the challenges of an aging population 

The average age of the UK population is increasing. Understanding the challenges faced by people as they get older and developing ways to help overcome them is important for us all.  

Creating a positive environment for young people to thrive 

With access to the right services, support, health advice, nutrition and education, young people will have the best possible start in life.   

Improve understanding of the benefits of recycling and reducing food waste 

Every year, the average household in the UK produces more than a tonne of waste. By increasing the amount we recycle and keeping as much food in the food chain as possible, we can dramatically cut down the amount of waste we create and the impact on our environment.