Understanding how to make healthy choices has never been more important

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Preschoolers are growing healthy food and finding out about caring for their teeth, thanks to a donation from our Community Cares Fund.

The East of England Co-op Community Cares Fund is our way of giving back to local communities. With the generous donations of our customers and members, we’re proud to support groups across Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk as they work to make a positive impact for people in need.

Thanks to you, we’ve just awarded over £100,000 to 26 charities and community groups changing the lives of more than 4,700 people in our region. From providing school uniforms for young carers to helping very young children enjoy good, nutritious food, our Community Cares Fund is making a huge impact.

That’s why we’ve donated £1,000 to help Little Explorers Pre-School in Greenstead, Colchester, teach very young children about good food and looking after our teeth. With many people facing increasing financial pressures, it can be difficult to afford fruit and veg. Understanding how to make healthy choices has never been more important.

Rachel Eaton, Manager at Little Explorers Pre-school, said: ‘We’re so excited to receive this funding from the East of England Co-op. It’s giving us the opportunity to talk about healthy eating and good oral care in really fun, new ways.

We’ll be improving our garden area so the children will have the opportunity to grow food and maybe take some home too! Since the pandemic, many parents have also found it difficult to find dentists. So, alongside growing and eating fruit and veg, we’ll be providing toothbrushes and teaching the children about good oral health too. The impact will be long-lasting; we’re hoping that by learning about healthy choices now, the children will continue to do so throughout their adult lives too.’

Both the team and our children can’t wait to get started with this project; it’ll make such a difference.’

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