Annual Members' Meeting

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As a member of one of the largest independent businesses in East Anglia we would liked to invite you to join us at our Annual Members' Meeting on Saturday 13th May.  

At our Annual Members' Meeting you will have the chance to learn more about your local co-op, and ask questions. The Special Members' Meeting will also take place at this event. Read details here. 

Timings for the day 

9am to 9.30am
It's not all about the financial stuff  

Join us from 9am for registration, enjoy a cuppa and look around our exhibition. Chat with some of our friendly, locally sourced suppliers - taste and sample some delicious produce too! 

9.30am to 11.30am 
Get stuck in - attend TWO of our exciting workshops 

  • Find out about how your co-op is performing
  • Meet our producers
  • Discover the power of a Co-op Cuppa
  • Learn about the work of the Co-op Juniors

11.30am to 1.15pm 
Down to business, there's lots to do 

Including paying the dividend, supporting the Co-operative party for 2018, receiving the Remuneration report and approving directors' fees. Plus, there will be a Special Members' Meeting to approve updates to the rule book. We'll be presenting the Report and Accounts for the year too. 

....then it's time to enjoy a Sourced Locally lunch!

Register for the Annual Members' Meeting:

Personal details

This will be a 1 - 6 digit number that can be found on the front of your card


Your attendance at the Annual Members’ Meeting

Will you be joining us for a free Sourced Locally lunch?:

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Voting at the Annual Members' Meeting

Voting at the Annual Members' Meeting and in the election of Directors is only open to eligible members. In order to be eligible to vote you must have been a member since before 13th November 2016 and you must have a share balance of at least £1.  
These requirements are set out in our rules. 

If you would like to check if your eligible to vote you can use this form here and we will let you know. 

Got a question?

We welcome questions ahead of the Annual Member's Meeting,