Terry Cox, Optical Manager

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Not just for profit but for the entire community.

You don’t want to be rushed when it’s something as important as your eye health. That’s part of the caring approach adopted by Terry Cox and his team at the East of England Co-op opticians.

“We believe in making what can be a stressful process as easy as possible,” says Terry. “We take each patient on their individual needs to determine the length of their appointment; so, no rushing. This doesn’t just apply to older people but to children or anyone who needs a little bit of extra attention.”

This care is evident in all aspects of customer contact. “We have even gone round to a customer’s home to fit glasses when they were too ill to collect from the store. We also get people popping in for a chat following consultations with us just to keep us up to date on any optical surgical issues. Our resident optician is always happy to give advice or allay any concerns.

“If there’s a problem we do what we can to help.  We had a situation where a local man desperately needed new glasses for his driving test the next day. We couldn’t get glasses made this quickly but we knew a local business that could. So, we tested his eyes and checked that the local supplier could get them made in time. One happy customer even though no sale was made through us. We put his needs before profit.

“It’s these small things that make a big difference to how we are regarded by the local community. It’s good to be working for a company that doesn’t restrict its staff to a hard line and will allow us to use our own judgement and deliver the best in customer care. Very rare these days, as our customers are always telling us.

“They appreciate the fact that we’re not just here for profit, we’re here for the whole community.”

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