Rebecca Miles, Lane Farm

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Keeping those porkers well pleased.

Rebecca and her family are true champions of local and have been producing delicious bacon, ham and sausages for our stores over the last 10 years. 

If you want great pork products you need to start with happy pigs. You can then win the 2014 East of England Co-op Producer of the Year competition and keep playing an active part in the Co-op Sourced Locally campaign.  All of which helps to make Lane Farm a highly successful operation and very much a part of the local community.

“We have been supplying Co-op stores for over 10 years” says Rebecca Miles who, with parents Ian and Sue Whitehead, manages this family-run farming business in Brundish, Suffolk.

“Winning the competition in 2014 really helped our business and we really enjoy working closely with the Co-op team; it’s like one big family. We support each other with activities such as in-store tastings which we believe are very important and it gives us the opportunity to talk directly with our customers.”

With a range of mouth-watering products including succulent ham, dry-cured bacon, Suffolk salami and sausages plus seasonal specialities such as Winter Warmer pork sausages with onion and horseradish, and pork, apple and apricot sausages - all made with their own pork and other locally produced ingredients where possible – it’s easy to see why Lane Farm products are stocked in all Co-op Suffolk stores.

“It’s a two way relationship. We obviously enjoy going into their stores to meet the customers but we also enjoy showing the staff from the Co-op around our farm so they can see for themselves exactly what we do.

“We are a local farm supplying local people through local shops. And we think that’s the best way to be.”

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