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Nothing added; nothing taken out.

The Fairs family have been farming in Suffolk since 1967 and share our passion for high quality, local produce. They’ve been part of our Sourced Locally family for 10 years. 

The Fairs family have run their Suffolk farm since 1967. In 2004 they were the first in the UK to grow, cold press and bottle their own exclusive brand of rapeseed oil. In 2007 they started supplying the East of England Co-op and haven’t looked back since.

“Our rapeseed oil is 100% natural” explains Sam Fairs. “Nothing added; nothing taken out. We do everything here at the farm and our pressing and bottling equipment is all solar powered.”

Hillfarm rapeseed oil products, which include mayonnaise and hand lotion, are stocked at all Suffolk and North Essex Co-op stores which, says Sam, gives them a shop window in their heartland. “It allows us to reach our customers who know us well because they are local to us.

“Our link with the Co-op has given us the confidence to grow and expand the business knowing we have a good market, are receiving a fair price and, very importantly, will be paid on time.

“The Co-op has also encouraged a network of local producers who get together to share experiences of the food growing business which is helping build Suffolk into a recognised region of quality food producers. It’s also helped us gain a foothold in the export market. 

“But, primarily, we’re a local company employing local people and serving a local market which is why we welcome and very much support the Co-op’s Sourced Locally campaign. We enjoy dealing directly with the individual stores as this helps keep us at the heart of our local community.”

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