Susan Coulson, Chorus Iceni

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Bringing sweet music to the community.

Local people singing to entertain other local people; that’s good community action. But Colchester’s Chorus Iceni also spreads its musical wings much further afield, with a bit of a lift from the East of England Co-op.

Formed nearly 40 years ago this all female barbershop chorus boasts some 50 members, mostly local to Colchester. It’s made up of women from all walks of life and backgrounds, though all with one common interest; making music and having fun. 

They are committed to entertaining as broad a cross section of the community as possible and take great pleasure in singing for a wide range of audiences.

“We have sing-outs at lots of local functions, from public events such as the Colchester Music Festival to private gatherings like weddings,” says Chorus Iceni Chairman Susan Coulson. “But we also take part in major national competitions where we do pretty well!

“Funding from the Co-op has helped us buy various much needed items and this year we’re using it to purchase new riser-steps: platforms to stand on. We also appreciate being allowed to display our event posters in all the Co-op shops.

“We’re very grateful for its continued support and pleased we can repay the favour by singing at some Co-op events.”

And the Co-op is pleased to help keep you in song.

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