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Shed shift means proper parking for hospice.

St Elizabeth Hospice in Ipswich needed to extend its car park. One problem; there was a large shed in the way which had to be moved before the new car park could be installed. Time to call in East of England Co-op Building Services.

“The hospice needed some help so, along with Building Services carpenters Lewis and Chris, I was pleased to provide a bit of extra assistance,” explained Co-op maintenance team leader Gary Chase.

“It was a big, old wooden shed that had to be dismantled into about 14 separate parts, moved section by section and reassembled.” 

After a full day’s effort, the shed was nicely in its new location and, happily, upright and square on its new base. The following day it was just a question of sorting out the roof and re-felting it.  Job done and easier parking for hospice patients and visitors. 

“Getting the thing successfully finished was very satisfying. It made a nice change from carrying out our day to day jobs and, along with others, helping in a small way to provide better and more parking for the hospice. We were well pleased with the final result,” adds Gary. And so was the hospice.

“We were very impressed with the attention to detail from the Co-op guys that made sure this shed had a new lease of life,” said St Elizabeth Hospice Community Engagement Manager Nigel Donkin.

“It is the practical support as well as the financial support we receive from the Co-op that makes such a difference to the running of the hospice. So a very big thank you to Gary, his team and all the Co-op for making this happen.”

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