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We reduced anti-social behaviour near one of our stores by talking with local children about the impact of such behaviours on our communities.

Year 7 students at St Alban’s Catholic High School in Ipswich put their artistic skills to the test as part of a competition to design a poster for East of England Co-op stores to deter anti-social behaviour.

The competition followed a series of assemblies and enrichment classes, led by Scott Walker, the East of England Co-op’s Anti-Social Behaviour Support Officer. With a food store located just around the corner from the school, Scott made it a priority to talk directly to students about the severity and consequences of anti-social behaviour in their community.

From interactive role plays to hard-hitting videos and first-hand accounts of tackling anti-social behaviour, St Alban’s students were able to learn how to spot challenging behaviour and about the impact on those around them.

Scott said; “I know how just one word can ruin someone's day, so I spend time visiting local schools and youth services where I use my own words to make a positive impact. By working closely with the students at St Alban’s, I am confident that, by tackling anti-social behaviour together, we can all enjoy a community that becomes a safer and friendlier place to live.”

Melody Bradley, Student Support Manager for St Alban’s School said; “We were delighted that Scott took the time to come and talk to our youngest pupils about the far reaching consequences of anti-social behaviour and the impact this has, not only on the school, but on the wider community.

“It is so useful for schools to be able to work closely with local businesses to raise awareness of these issues and get students involved. We are very grateful for everything the East of England Co-op has done for us.”

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