Sustainable palm oil

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The East of England Co-op understands the full importance of using sustainable palm oil in its products - this widely used ingredient can harm humans, wildlife and the environment when it is produced irresponsibly.

We are working with our suppliers to ensure that all the palm oil in local and regional products are certified as sustainable under one of the Roundtable or Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certification schemes. We are working towards using 100% RSPO Segregated palm oil in all our food and non-food products. Where palm oil is used, the East of England Co-op requires its suppliers to have the following information available:  

  • The origin of the oil, including the company supplying the oil, country, area and plantation (if known) of origin 
  • Amounts (total amount and each individual amount) used in the product’s formulation. 

They must also have available all information relevant to the certification of palm oil used in their products.  

The East of England Co-op has banned palm oil, or a blend containing palm oil, from being used to fry any local or regional food products. The only exception to this is either products that are manufactured in countries or regions that traditionally use palm oil (e.g. Thailand, South East Asia etc.) or products where there is a proven technical need for the use of palm oil to fry. In these instances, the palm oil used must be RSPO certified sustainable palm oil.