Stronger together

We have over 260,000 members. Our members are at the heart of what we do; without them, we simply wouldn't be a co-operative. That's why recruiting members is so important - the more members we have, the stronger we are and the more we can achieve together. 

We saw a 54% increase in members voting in our annual Director Elections
We're owned by over 260,000 members


Co-operative Value No. 3 - Democracy

Co-operative Principle No. 1
Voluntary and open membership - open to all, equally and fairly

Co-operative Principle No. 2
Democratic member control - one member, one vote

Co-operative Principle No. 3
Member economic participation - buying a share and getting a 'divi' in return

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A different kind of business

One of the things that makes co-ops different is that they are not owned by large shareholders, but by individual members who all have an equal say in how their Co-op is run. 

Our Co-op is owned by over 260,000 members - made up of colleagues and customers from across East Anglia. 

By being a member of your local Co-op, you're helping local businesses proper, communities thrive and encourage economic growth and development in our region. 

Membership also offers local people the chance to share in our success through our annual dividend, as well as have access to exclusive member offers and benefits.

Make sure you take advantage of your member benefits by 'opting in' to receive communications from us. Call our Membership Team Support team on 0800 389 5354 or complete our online form

Introducing our Board

Our Board represents our members' voices in the boardroom when setting policies and making decisions. What you might not know is that our Board of Directors are all members of our Co-op, coming from a very diverse range of backgrounds. 

Together with our Leadership Team, our Board:

  • Helps set our business strategy and policies
  • Oversees our commercial and finanical performance
  • Ensures co-operative values and prinicples remain at the heart of our Co-op
  • Meets and listens to the views of members

Ultimately, the Board is accountable to our members for the long-term success of our Co-op. 

The Committees

In order to undertake its responsibilities effectively, the Board appoints a number of Committees to review specific matters and bring forward recommendations. It's an effective way of steering our complex business and ensuring everything works as it should. Each committee has different roles and responsibilities. We have four committees: 

  • Remuneration and Search Committee
  • Performance Review Committee
  • Audit and Risk Committee
  • Membership and Community Engagement Committee

Putting the power into our members' hands

As well as giving members a say in how we support our local communities - through our Community Token Scheme and Community Giving Scheme - our members each have an equal say in how we are run. They can vote on important things, including our annual Election of Directors and on motions at our Annual Members' Meeting. 

In 2018, we saw an impressive 54% increase in the number of members voting in our Director Elections, and a further 8.9% increase in 2019. Making it easier for our members to have their say, votes can now be cast online or via post ahead of the Annual Members' Meeting. 

You can register to vote on our website, or contact our Membership Support Team on 0800 389 5354 or email

Who can apply to be a Board member? 

Being a Director is a big responsbility; it's an important role that requires dedication, experience and passion. To become a Board member, a member must have spent a minimum of £500 per year for the last two years - this demonstrates member commitment to the East of England Co-op. 

A Responsible Business

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Values and principles.

Why we do what we do

The first co-operatives back in the 1800s were formed as a different way of doing business that was better for everyone, driven by values and principles which still guide co-ops to this day. 

Today, we're proud to be the largest independent retailer operating in the East of England. We provide food stores and specialist services, such as funerals, security, travel agents and petrol filling stations to communities across Essex. Norfolk. Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. 

With a significant property portfolio and other businesses, such as events and conference facilities and stonemasonry, we are a diverse and modern business. 

As a co-operative business. we're run differently to other big organisations, putting our members first. Our focus has always been, and always will be, the local communities in our region.