Case Studies

Bridgebrook Energy Ltd 

Type of business: Production of Hotties Heatlogs 

Relationship: Sourced Locally supplier

Location: Risby, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk 

Web address: 

Award level: Gold  

Launched in 2010, Bridgebrooke Energy Ltd is a Suffolk based company dedicated to creating new energy, in the form of Hotties, from natural, recycled sources. With raw materials sourced from sustainable suppliers in the UK and manufactured in their purpose-built factory, itself harnessing 100% of its electricity and heat from a neighbouring anaerobic digester, Hotties are truly a 'renewable energy made from renewable energy'. 

Bridgebrook is one of our Sourced Locally suppliers, providing all our stores with Hotties logs and BBQ lighting supplies.

John from Bridgebrook explains why they applied for the Suffolk Carbon Charter and what it means for them as a business: 

“We applied for the Suffolk Carbon Charter because of our work with the East of England Co-op and our general interest in implementing carbon reduction measures – as a local business, it has to be part of our future. Once we’d decided to apply, the help we received from the East of England Co-op, along with support from Suffolk County Council, really helped.  

I would encourage other local producers and suppliers to apply for the Suffolk Carbon Charter. It gives recognition that your business is committed to helping the reduction of carbon creation, and that you’re working to help all of our futures – it makes you look at your business from a different perspective. If you’re thinking about applying, just go for it. It doesn’t take much time, and the people at the Suffolk Carbon Charter could not have been more helpful.”


Marybelle Dairy

Type of business: Producers of dairy products

Relationship: Sourced Locally supplier

Location: Halesworth, Suffolk

Web address:

Award level: Gold

This family run business, located in the heart of Suffolk's beautiful countryside, produces a delicious range of Milk, Cream, Artisan Yoghurts, Creme Fraiche and Luxury Ice cream and Milk free Sorbets.

To help the environment and reduce its carbon footprint Marybelle use only local milk from Norfolk and Suffolk; team members live within 20 miles of processing site at Halesworth; over 90% of feed for the cows is grown on the farm they live on; deliveries are kept within a 50 mile radius; a proportion of energy use is generated from Solar; bottle caps have been changed to ones with a higher recycled content; the % of recycled waste has increased with the company working towards a  90% target.

An Energy Champion helps to ensure that all staff adhere to its Green Policy of the simple actions like, switching off lights, keeping fridge doors closed where ever possible, etc. and about 40 trees have been planted on the farm to offset some of the carbon produced by the factory.

In addition, Marybelle was the first to trial, test and launch the new biodegradable green bottle. This new type of liquid packaging, now used for some of its  milk bottles, has been designed as an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bottles and laminated cartons. 

Katherine Manning of Marybelle said: “It has been fantastic to have the help of the Energy Audit to really focus our attention to areas that need improving within our business. Just to have that starting point has been invaluable to our business. Now  that we have a fully working Environmental Policy it is going to be easy to keep it up to date and the actions moving along. We really appreciate all the assistance we have received and would recommend others to do the same!”


Shawsgate Vineyard

Type of business: Commercial vineyard

Relationship: Sourced Locally supplier

Location: Framlingham, Suffolk

Web address:

Award level: Bronze

Shawsgate is one of East Anglia’s oldest commercial vineyards. Owned by Les Jarrett, the Estate produces a range of white, red and rosé wines as well as quality English sparkling wines from seven varieties: Acolon, Rondo, Bacchus, Müller-Thurgau, Reichensteiner, Schönburger and Seyval Blanc.

The vineyards are beautifully kept, creating a haven for birds and wildlife as well as several species of rare orchids and wildflowers. There is no charge for visitors to explore the vineyards and many take advantage of such a beautiful spot to picnic and relax with friends.

Les Jarrett, said: “When the East of England Co-op contacted us about the project we were interested because we wanted to be able to talk about the carbon footprint of our wines and how it compares to those grown in the rest of the world.

“Achieving the Suffolk Carbon Charter Bronze award is a first step for us on our journey of monitoring, reporting and reducing the emissions associated with the production of our Locally Sourced Wine products. It has enabled us to understand our key emissions sources and see how we may be able to monitor and reduce these in the years to come.”