Results of the 2016 Election of Directors

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Candidates elected to serve for four years

  • John Hawkins (1339 votes) 
  • Nicola Fox (1312 votes)
  • Chris Matthews (1053 votes)
  • Steve Shaw (969 votes)

Candidate elected to serve for three years

  • Maria Veronese (821 votes)

Candidates not elected

  • John Clarke (738 votes)
  • John Cook (690 votes)
  • Faith Archer (649 votes)
  • Anne Gillion (593 votes)
  • Suzanne Hawkes (519 votes)
  • Ruth Wailes (497 votes)
  • Tessa Holmes (482 votes)
  • Geraldine Schofield (437 votes)
  • Belinda Bell (407 votes)
  • Graham Bricknell (381 votes)
  • Jonathan Roberts (339 votes)
  • Rupert Durrant (304 votes)
  • Michael Caddock (296 votes)
  • Bob Rumney (276 votes)
  • Keith Mahoney (274 votes)
  • John Clitherow (251 votes)
  • Joan Henriques (236 votes)
  • Denise Buckright (233 votes)
  • Paul Joynson (230 votes)
  • Caroline Ley (230 votes)
  • Chris Hodson (220 votes)
  • Jonathan Adams (212 votes)
  • Sharon Pendorf (186 votes)
  • Jim Furze (164 votes)
  • Stephen Wood (148 votes)
  • Arthur Hendry (108 votes)


John Pendle – Director 2002 – 2016

Within days of the Annual Members’ Meeting the Board was shocked and saddened to hear that John Pendle had lost his battle with cancer.

John had served initially as a Director of the former Colchester and East Essex Society from April 2002.  He held the positions of Chair of the Audit Committee and the Membership and Community Committee and, in 2010, was elected President of the Society, a position he held until 2014.  He was a regular attender at Society events and at co-operative conferences and meetings across the country.  He represented the Society on the Co-operative Loan Fund, Chairing their Board for several years.

He will be greatly missed and our sympathy and condolences go out to his wife and family.

Co-option of Director

The Board believes that 16 is the right number of Directors for the proper governance of the Society and has designed its Board committee structure on the basis of this number.  The vacancy created by the loss of John Pendle will be filled by election at the 2017 Annual Members’ Meeting.  Until then, the Board has decided to co-opt the next highest polling eligible candidate from the recent Board election.

The Board could not co-opt John Clarke because the number of employees or recent employees (of which John is one) who can serve on the Board at any one time is limited to two.  Emma Howard, a current employee, was elected to the Board last year and Chris Matthews was elected this year.  The next eligible candidate for co-option was therefore John Cook.

John Cook will serve as a co-opted Director until the end of the 2017 Annual Members’ Meeting.